Top Rated Fat Burners Review With Buying Guide 2018

The essentials in brief

  • Fat burners in tablet or capsule form, like those from our fat burner comparison, increase the concentration and the energy of the consumers. The feeling of hunger can be suppressed with their help. However, you can not expect that you can lose weight quickly without a healthy diet and plenty of exercises.
  • The fat burner capsules are taken with a glass of water with meals. The recommendation varies from 2 to 3 capsules per day depending on the manufacturer.
  • Even natural foods can cause a fat burning effect. These include meat ( L-carnitine ), fish (iodine) and dairy products (calcium).

3 Top Rated Fat Burners 

1. BurnerTEK Review

Most fat eliminator pills are intended to trap your body into consuming put away fat rapidly, yet they don't give an extended haul arrangement. They are covered with cruel suppressants and stimulants that will wipe out your craving and misleadingly accelerate your digestion. Without a doubt, you will lose fat however you will likewise lose muscle. In a matter of a couple of months, you will have the constitution of a split head and be just about as sound. Synthetic stimulants and hunger suppressants are filled with reactions and can genuinely hurt your well being.


  • Twelve great fixings
  • Fixings have the most clinical supported proof for adequacy.
  • The item is the most intense fat terminator at more than 2 grams for every serving.
  • Outside of caffeine, does not have unforgiving suppressants or stimulants.
  • Less expensive than the other best five fat killers – Get more. Pay Less
  • The measure of every fixing is uncovered on the mark


  • Contains caffeine which a few people are delicate as well


Ideally, this BurnerTEK audit has been useful. To abridge, BurnerTEK, by TEK Naturals, is our #1 fat terminator becuase it contains the most fixings and has the highest potencies. It costs not as much as its rivals too so it's superior esteem.

2. Nutratech Atrafen Powerful Fat Burner Review

Nutratech Atrafen Powerful Fat Burner is another and particular fat killer made of 100% every characteristic fixing. This Nutratech Atrafen Powerful Fat Burner audit will take a gander at the fixings and potencies and decide the general esteem. As specified before, every one of the fixings is all-regular, which is undoubtedly a remark an eye out for when you are scanning for a fat consuming supplement as some of these may contain unnatural fixings that are not alright for everybody. Nutratech Atrafen Powerful Fat Burner comprises of fixings disengaged for the most part from plants and was initially intended for boxers and MMA warriors and being a boxer myself; I felt slanted to investigate this item.


  • Nutratech Atrafen Powerful Fat Burner can expand the rate at which you consume fat
  • Can help in colossal hunger diminishment
  • Contains zero counterfeit fixings, which means it is for all intents and purposes chance free
  • Can help in consuming fat without diminishing your vitality levels
  • May enable you to hold muscle while you consume fat


  • This item contains caffeine, so it may not be ideal for individuals with heart issues.
  • A few people may encounter some minor symptoms


Ideally, this Nutratech Atrafen Powerful Fat Burner survey has demonstrated to you why we have this fat terminator as extraordinary compared to other fat killers in the commercial center. This is our supposition, yet it depends on the clinical confirmation of its fixings. It's sheltered, compelling and has fantastic potentiates.

3. Evlution Nutrition Lean Mode Stimulant-Free Fat Burner Review

No ifs and or buts, Evolution Nutrition Lean Mode Stimulant-Free Fat Burner, from Kor Nutrition, is a standout amongst other fat burners available. We feel so emphatically about this fat burner supplement that we positioned it in the main three among our best fat burners. Look at this exhaustive survey to realize what makes it one of the most perfectly awesome out there.


  • Potent recipe
  • Clinically demonstrated fixings
  • Enables consume gut fat and stomach cushions
  • Lessens fat admission while consuming put away fat
  • Frees up fat consuming hormones
  • Builds preparation of fat cells


  • Contains caffeine so may not be perfect for individuals with caffeine affectability


Each fixing in Evlution Nutrition is of the most elevated quality and is incorporated into not too bad potencies. Top notch fixings are futile if it isn't sufficient for every fixing to affect the body. It's about quality and amount. So, you can buy it without any doubt.

Top Rated Fat Burners Buying Guide

Many people struggle with sports and a diet plan for their ideal weight, a flat stomach or thin thighs. Either for a short time or over an extended period. What often turns into a life task is sometimes anything but a pleasant affair. Do you associate with it but things like a continually growling stomach, sweaty sports fitness activities and a significant laxity and irritability, which quickly results from too much sport and too little food. Diets are therefore anything but popular. Many people want to lose weight without dieting or sport. A desire that the food industry is only too happy to answer. In the form of weight loss products, such as Almased or Formoline L112.

If you take a closer look at the posts in a weight loss forum, you will quickly get a feel for how many items there are for weight loss. Since that's quite a lot, we looked at a single category of these "weight loss products" a little closer, and the so-called fat burners. In our Fatburner comparison 2018, we show you the best fat burners and give you with our guide all essential tips to buy fat burners, healthy diet and fitness to lose weight on the hand.

1. What are fat burners and how do they work?

Fat burners are usually particular hormones or specific ingredients of the food. These are designed to boost the burning of fat in the body, accelerate metabolism through enzymes and increase energy consumption in the form of calories. The fat burners are available as tablets, powders or liquids to buy. They can be made of natural or synthetic materials.No matter what type of fat burner it is, the preparations can have both advantages and disadvantages:


  • increase the concentration and the energy level
  • reduce the feeling of hunger for unhealthy food


  • expensive
  • in case of overdose strong side effects possible
  • Weight loss not proven

2. Purchase criteria for fat burners: You have to pay attention

Unfortunately, we can not give you a clear and consistent buying advice for fat burners in our Fat burner comparison 2018. The products are often very different in their composition and the Fat burner experiences also show that the success of even the best fat burner with the discipline of the user stands or falls. In the Fat burner comparison, we have summarized the things in a buying guide that you should consider when choosing your personal fat burner comparison winner.

2.1. The dosage

Different manufacturers specify for the fat burner diet different dosage recommendations for each product. The fat burner effect thus depends very much on the correct dosage. Therefore, follow the recommendations of the manufacturers. For example, if your product is capsules, then the optimal intake is usually 2 to 3 capsules per day. However, since everyone is responsible for themselves and their body, you should always keep an eye on individual influencing factors such as weight and body size. From too high a dose fat burner tests recommend explicitly, because then very quickly fat burner side effects or fat burner risks such as palpitations, tremors and sweats on.

2.2. The dosage form

Most fat burners compared there were as fat burner tablets or capsules to buy. These can be swallowed very quickly with a glass of water and are, as far as the oral intake, at hand immediately. However, the fat burners are also available as powders. These must first be touched, which is more time-consuming and on the way to accomplish worse. But the feeling of satiety is usually higher here. Decide for yourself what suits you more in your personal fat burner comparison winner.

2.3. The ingredients

Whether fat burner capsules or another dosage form, the ingredients, of course, play the most significant role for the fat burner effect. It is not only crucial for weight loss, whether green tea extract is included. If you are a vegetarian or have a food intolerance, then you should look again at the packaging. An excellent product should also contain no preservatives or sugar substitutes. As the products from our Fat burner comparison seems precise, you will find an apparent breakdown in our product table.

3. Manufacturers and brands

When it comes to weight loss, there are many manufacturers and brands on the market. We have listed the most important ones once:

3.1. BurnerTek

Burner Tek's mission is to help athletes with their products to achieve their goals - be it weight loss, muscle gain, fat loss, or increased stamina. Burner Tek's product range has grown steadily since it was founded in 1994 and now includes a variety of dietary and performance-enhancing products, all of which come from our production. Due to the tested quality and the excellent service quality proven in numerous tests, the test winner is chosen as a partner and supplier in many fitness studios and sports clubs, as shown by the best fat burner comparison portals.

3.2. Nutratec Atrafen

Since 1990, the Polish company Olimp has been focusing on the production of high-quality supplements for athletes and now offers more than 160 different products in its range, which primarily aim to increase performance and build muscle. Olimp is already the market leader in Poland and also in the German-speaking countries, the brand keeps appearing on the leader boards. A large part of Olimp's products are on the Cologne list and thus completely free from doping agents. All Olimp products are also manufactured under strict guidelines (including ISO 9001 and the GMP standard), and the raw materials are all of the controlled origins.

3.3. IronMaxx

The IronMaxx range of products has something for every need, whether it's building strength and muscle for bodybuilders, losing weight for a lean line, increasing endurance or improving overall health. In the field of dietary supplements for athletes and fitness conscious IronMaxx is one of the test winners. IronMaxx is popular with its customers mainly due to its comprehensive offering, high product quality, and excellent service. By comparison, however, the products are expensive and also the taste of dietary supplements was not rated as mainly positive in some tests.

3.4. Mammoth

The company Mammut Nutrition manufactures its products one hundred percent in Germany and cooperates with nutrition experts, scientists and top athletes in the development of its dietary supplements. The range of Mammut is aimed at the target groups competitive athletes and bodybuilders and produces fat burners as capsules, tablets, powders and drinks. Despite the excellent quality, the price is moderate and the taste of the products turned out to be most useful for most tests. All production at Mammut is overseen by IFS (International Featured Standard for Food), which guarantees safety and consistently high quality. Exceptional service for its customers: Mammut can even order special mixtures that are tailored to their individual needs.

4. Criteria for comparison

We have thoroughly examined the fat burners, both externally and internally. Taste and practicability, as well as ease of ingestion, were analyzed as the subsequent effect and side effect. We answer the most important questions and provide some important decision-making aids to provide readers with the most comprehensive and objective picture possible. This is also clarified in various fat burner tests. At the end of each comparison review, we provide the product with a points rating, where the value for money is just as important as its effectiveness and tolerability. We were inspired by the selection criteria for our fat burner guidebooks from Stiftung Warentest and examined the following criteria in order to deliver the most comprehensive and objective result possible:

4.1. Packaging and delivery

Our first look was at the appearance of fat burners. Concrete questions were: how are they packaged, what is included in the delivery and what information is evident at first glance. It was mainly vital to us that we could quickly and best see at a glance how to take the preparation and, above all, which active ingredients it contains.

4.2. Taste and smell

In our review, how appetizing the capsules or tablets look, whether they emit an unpleasant odor and whether they are easy to ingest.

4.3. Compatibility

The tolerability of fat burners, we have analyzed primarily for side effects. These were not always the same for all customer experiences, often occurred only after a few days, or in contrast, were completely gone after a few days. Some of the side effects were also related to the wrong taking, which we reproduce as accurately as possible in our comparison charts.

4.4. Effect

The effect on the manufacturer's promises was, of course, the most critical criterion in our comparison. "What changes in the body regarding fitness or weight after a few days or weeks of ingestion?" Was the central question here.

5. Questions and answers about fat burners

5.1. Which foods are fat burners?

To lose fat, for example, on the stomach, you do not necessarily need expensive supplements such as omega-3 capsules, Yokebe, Almased, protein powder, Formoline L112 or other Fat Burner like green coffee. Even a specific diet plan is not necessary for the "weight loss." What you should learn is a healthy and responsible attitude to your own body and knowledge of the right diet. Then you have already achieved a lot. By the way, some foods are said to have a natural fat burner effect. We have listed the fat-burning substances contained in the food once here:

L-carnitineL-carnitine is needed as a substance in the body to extract energy from fatty acids. Contained is the substance in red meat, such as beef or game.
iodineIodine is important for the production of thyroid hormones. These hormones increase the energy turnover. But beware: you have no direct influence on the fat loss. Contains iodine in large quantities in fish and seafood. Especially the trout makes a good figure here in the truest sense of the word.
calciumClacium is an important substance for the energy metabolism in the body. In dairy products, such as Harzer cheese, it is available in sufficient quantities.
vitamin CVitamin C, important for the immune system, in combination with other substances plays an important role in burning fat in the body. Contained is the vitamin in all types of citrus fruits. But also in berries, tomatoes, celery, apples and pears, the vitamin is present. A true vitamin C bomb is the acerola fruit.
capsaicinCapsaicin increases the heat in the body, which stimulates the metabolism.Contained is the substance in sharp foods like pepper or chilli.
caffeineCaffeine increases fat burning and thus increases energy expenditure. Caffeine has been known for a long time for what other substances could not yet be detected - proof of increased fat burning after ingestion has so far only been found for caffeine and green tea.

5.2. Is there a fat burner tea?

Not only the right food can support the reduction of fat and thus the loss of weight, but also the drinking is of importance. Of course, it is essential for your health and metabolism to drink enough water. But tea can be a right fat burner. Right at the forefront is green tea. But Pu-erh tea and Lapacho tea are also used as a support for the metabolism.

5.3. Are there any good fat burner exercises?

Of course, there are not only a fat burner diet and fat burner recipes but also fat burner exercises. The best you see in the following Fat burner video:

5.4. How to take Fatburner?

You can see how to take the fat burner capsules in our product table. Usually, you are taken with a glass of water for a meal. However, general statements can not be made by the differences between the products. In case of uncertainty, you ask for safety again the family doctor. By the way, Fatburner capsules are taboo for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

5.5. How fast do fat burners work?

Fat burners act briefly after taking on the metabolism. However, if the question is about the speed of the results, it is difficult to say. Without sports and a healthy diet, the capsules have a very little to no effect on weight loss.

5.6. What types of fat burners are there and what are the differences?

Fat burners are almost a dime on the market and the comparison between the individual products is not always easy, as confirmed by most fat burner tests. After all, there are not only fat burners to buy but also diet pills, anabolic steroids or appetite suppressants, all with the same goal: less fat, more muscle.

  1. Thermogenic fat burners
    Most fat burners available on the market have the effect of thermogenesis. They accelerate fat burning by increasing body temperature and metabolism. This is achieved by stimulants such as caffeine. Stronger remedies, however, whose side effects are also significantly higher, are yohimbine and ephedrine. These were banned after extensive testing due to the questionable impacts on health and addictiveness.
  2. Thyroid regulator
    The thyroid regulators fall into a similar category as the thermogenic fat burners but act on the detour via the thyroid gland. These also speed up the metabolism, but not by a direct trigger, which increases fat burning, but by stimulation of the thyroid gland, which thus produces more hormones, which boost the metabolism.
  3. Appetite
    A variety of ingredients that are included in fat burners, such as green tea or guarana, should also help to curb the appetite. This works on the one hand through the release of adrenaline, which is associated with the accelerated metabolism and on the other hand by certain ingredients that swell in the stomach and give the body a feeling of fullness.
  4. Carbo and fat blockers
    Fat blockers pursue the same goal as the fat burners, but have a different approach, has also been confirmed in other fat burner tests. While fat burners stimulate the body to break down the existing fat deposits, fat blockers prevent new fat from being absorbed from food and stored in the body. Carbo-blockers act on the same principle, preventing the absorption of carbohydrates, which would subsequently be converted into fat.

6.7. What do I expect from taking a fat burner?

For many buyers, there is the misconception that the kilos will tumble by themselves through the use of a fat burner. This is unfortunately not the case. Lying lazily on the couch, eating chips and chocolate and taking a fat burner capsule after every meal brings - unfortunately - nothing at all and just make the purse slimmer. You should only consider the use of fat burners if you are genuinely willing to become active regarding diet and exercise to lose weight.

6.8. What is promised by the fat burner according to the manufacturer?

From a subjective point of view, if the manufacturer's promises are too good to be true (e.g., loss of more than 5kg per week), caution is advised. This can only be a rip-off or be reached unhealthily.

6.9. How often and how intense do I do sports during the week?

As mentioned earlier, fat burners increase the body's energy expenditure during exercise. So if you are not ready to do sports while taking fat burners, you will increase the basic metabolic rate to a minimum, but you will not see any change with the test winner either in the mirror or on the scale.

6.10. Am I ready to change my diet?

Fat burning is not equal to fat loss! An increased fat burning does not mean that the kilos tumble because if enough fat is still absorbed through the food to fill the memory, even the best burn pill helps nothing!

6.11. Does it make sense to spend money on fat burners?

With sufficient discipline, weight loss can be achieved even without the use of fat burners. Without adequate control, fat burners will not help either. Balanced nutrition and regular training as a basis are prerequisites for the effect of the fat burner. Our research has shown that fat burning can be speeded up by taking fat burners. So if you want to lose weight in a short time, it can be useful to support your diet.

6.12. What may a good fat burner cost?

Although the price was not the decisive criterion in our comparison, it was, of course, taken into account. Similar to Stiftung Warenteste, we also found out that the most expensive products are not always better than the comparatively cheap ones. The miracle cure, which leads to the dream figure without sport and nutrition change, does not exist even in high price ranges.We have kept our fingers off dubious dumping prices because they often contain hazardous substances or have absolutely no effect. The products from our comparison range from $25 to $50 for a hundred capsules. During the selection, we have already made sure that no prohibited active ingredients are included and all ingredients are certified or at least quality assured. Due to the high quality and tested ingredients, we find this price as cheap and fair.

6. Where do I buy cheap fat burners?

When it comes to the price, the internet mail order industry is in most cases ahead of the retail trade in food supplements. Also, you can save even more if you do not buy directly from the manufacturer's online store, but on an independent platform such as Amazon. Savings of up to 25% of the non-binding recommended manufacturer's price are possible here. Who compares different portals, with the same product under certain circumstances can again save a few dollars. The disadvantage of online trading, however, is the lack of advice. If you are trying a fat burner for the first time and are not sure about the effect of each product, we recommend first consulting a specialist retailer to reduce the risk of an adverse sale.

7. Test Winner: Institutes, Magazines

In our comparison, we have not only gained our insights to select the best individual fat burner. Customer reviews on Amazon we have taken into account as well as extensive reviews on the Internet, results of other test institutes, for example, Stiftung Warentest, or the manufacturer's information. Tip: A fat burner test winner of, eg, Stiftung Warentest helps you with the purchase decision.

Stiftung Warentest has also examined the promise and effects of various slimming products, including fat burner, in a January 2014 report. 20 over-the-counter dietary supplements were tested for their long-term weight loss benefits, including capsules, tablets and powders from a variety of sources, from the drugstore to specialty stores to the online store. The result was that out of 20 tested diet pills without exercise and healthy diet, a maximum of one kilogram of weight loss could be achieved in three months. In the review, it is strongly advised against dubious providers with promising prognoses for weight loss, as well as questionable ingredients (e.g. ephedrine, yohimbine, sibutramine).